Complete Process Designs

For Coatings(Aluminide, Chromide, Platinum Aluminide, Internal Aluminide and enriched alternaties for above)

We sell Tech Transfers.

For Stripping (contact us for a complete list of coatings which we are capable of strippping).

Platinum Plating in difficult shapes are ok for us.

Custom Stripping Designs developed using Taguchi designed Experiments.


Furnaces based on the enhanced SNECMA Vapor Phase Process; processes 2 sizes small 20" x 10" HotZone medium 26" x 19" HotZone.

All of our furnaces have integrated handling systems and can be relocated using a 6000# fork truck. We guarantee the coating performance. Platinized Conformal Titanium Anodes.

PVC or PPE welded tank systems with heaters, pumps, filters, level control, pH control, ventilation hoods, retainment trays, lids are all custom designed.


Coating Replacements for MCrAlY’s or Platinum Aluminides without Platinum Available (Advanced High Performance Coatings)

Dimensional restoration via Nickel CVD Coatings


Aeromet Technologies Capabilities List February 2015.pdf