Aeromet has installed its own platinum plating system for small lots or development of conformal anode designs.

Other 2014 Developments

  • Internal Stripping of Coatings
  • New Nickel CVD from Vapor Phase Applications for restoration of stripping losses on vanes.(New patent filed)
  • A recipe/replacement for Sermalloy J. Use of the same technology for application of platinum aluminide without platinum plating. Nickel CVD is very good for creating a nickel coating prior to braze application. A new spot repair process for platinum aluminide chipping as a replacement for Sermalloy J. (New patent filed)
  • A method of applying platinum which avoids plating, permits non-uniform deposition at a very low competitive cost. (Included in new patent)
  • Cost Spreadsheets for Process development and improvements for various processes.
  • The patent covering local FIC has been sold back to Rich Chesnes. The patent covering WCCo stripping has been sold to AnR Fab in Mendon Utah. All technology covering WCCo stripping (of mud pump augurs) has been sold except the use of perborates. The perborate technology is less valuable than percarbonates (see AnR Fab).
  • New tooling for the furnace which eliminates Iron from the coating. Use of the graphite plate to enhance CVD coatings. Co-Deposition of Hafnium and Silicon in dilute amounts from a controlled composition point of view.
  • Internal co-deposition of chromium and aluminum in turbine blades or chromium-silicon-aluminum internal.
  • Redesign of the medium sized furnace complete, including new Computer Control software.
  • For platinum reclamation contact Scott Albertson, 801-568-0227. For powderization of alloys from stripped components, contact Ken Glen 918-342-0080